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    Marantz Cdr300 - lp to cd

    Is anyone here familiar with the Marantz Cdr300? It is a cd recorder. My question is: why can I record from cassette to cd with very good volume, but not from my lp turntable? I have checked that both are coming into Aux In (L & R) on the Marantz from either player. I can barely hear the cd from the lp transfer. It does transfer but I can't see where there is any control to turn up. The cassette to cd transfer works so well & it seems to me it should turn out in a similar manner from the lp turntable (which happens to be a Sony turntable). There is probably something simple I'm not seing.

    Thank you for any insight you could give me.

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    The output level from a turntable is much lower than the standard line-level from other devices. You'll need to boost it to line-level before you can record it. You can buy phono preamps to do this. Check this out (it's a cheapie):
    Dave Owen

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    Thank you very much for the info and the link. I don't know how many lps I will be transferring, but with the phono amp and my machine, is that a good way to go?

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    Also, Dave, if this is a good way to transfer lps to cd with the CDR300, does this pre-amp have the red and white plugs to go into the 2 aux in inputs?


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    I'm learning as I go along and realized that all I needed to do was use the line output of my Kenwood receiver (turntable is hooked up to it) and put that into the Aux In of my Marantz Cdr300 and it works great. Thanks for your help.


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