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    Sony DCR-DVD653E

    I have a Sony DCR-DVD653E (bought very cheap in Malaysia ;-) ). The handycam is very nice and I´m totally happy with it. But my youngster scratches the cd some minutes before I wanted to install it on my reinstalled computer. Does anyone have this cd or the USB Driver and Image Mixer 1.5 ? I would be very very happy greetings from Munich, Germany - SANDRA

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    Hi there,

    A while ago I tried to get hold of some software for a Sony camcorder and had no luck. I found that Sony was very protective and wouldn't offer it for free download. You can upgrade at but you can't download the whole program.

    I assume they don't offer it for download because they are trying to fight theft but the whole thing seems a little extreme.

    I gave up before contacting them, but my suggestion would be to contact Sony and ask them what to do. They may be able to provide you with a new disk if you can prove legitimate ownership of the camera.

    Or maybe someone else can help...?
    Dave Owen


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