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    Switcher Question...

    Hello All,
    I currently have a 4 channel videonics switcher. Works great for the cameras.

    Well my church needs a second switcher/fader of some sort.
    We need one for the cameras (record feed)
    Then the second one for the projector feed.

    Long story short, I had somebody tell me that a SEG like this one Panasonic WJ-4600C

    would work great to switch between composite signals. But I would either need gen lock cameras(which I dont have) or just run the gen lock to the sync with a spliter of somesort.
    Can I use an SEG without using the genlock function?
    Really we only need it to fade in & out.
    Paul Wood

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    According to some specs I found for that model, it includes "Genlock circuitry for non-synchronous video signal mixing". Assuming this to be true, you wouldn't need to worry about genlocking the sources.

    This is certainly the ideal - genlocking is a pain even if you do have cameras which can do it. Before you buy anything, you should check with the seller that you don't need synched sources.
    Dave Owen


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