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    Video Camcorders

    Hey all

    So, my video production site was meant to be launched on the 1st of November, well that ain't the case now

    Me and a friend was rehearsing a video podcast we were planning on doing, and the enxt day we planned on shooting the sites first episode of a series. This all happended about a week ago, anyway, i was packing away the camcorder the night before shooting and the camcorder fell off the tripod. Well a wire pulled the tripod over and the camcorder came off. So obviously i've hit a big problem.

    I've been thinking about what i can do and all i can think of is push the launch date back so i can save and get new equipment.

    Before i ask for help here's what i plan to do.

    Video podcasts - These will be my recording room so the camcorder will not need to move when it is in use. I have three halogen bulbs and stands for the lighting. I figure that should be fine.

    Videos for site - These will be inside, outside and everywhere. I have a shure sm58 but i obviously cannot use that for a short film.

    This brings me to my questions.

    Camcorder suggestions, i have around 300 pounds to spend. I know thats not much but it dosen't have to be a top of the range camcorder.

    The one thing i would prefer it to have is a good mic for the videos. With my old camcorder which is over 6 years old. I found that the sound was ok for these videos so newer camcorders shoould ahve the same if not better mics built in.

    So suggestions?

    One more thing, what media do you suggest i record to. My uncle has a dvd sony handycam which is only a year, i compared it to my 6 year old mini dv camcorder and mine was better quality.

    I obviously cannot go High definition due to my budget.

    Thanks all

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    Have a look at the Canon MVX300i or what ever number they are up to now range. They're great little cameras and have mic/headphone inputs and if you get the"i" model then it does analogue to digital pass thru on the fly meaning you don't have to record to tape first. I have used mine to capture footage from my old Hi8 analogue cameras and it does a very good job.

    Just my two cents worth.
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    whatever you do MAKE SURE your new camcorder has a LINE IN function!

    this way you can bypass using third party converter kits like Dazzle if you want to import footage from another source besides filming it.

    best, M/


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