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    Question about 2 camcorders

    I currently have a Sony DCR-HC42 camcorder. I used to record my own movies besides some external events professionally.

    I am aware of the limitations of my camcorder like low quality in no light environment etc...

    I don't want to go to HDV at the moment. I also can't go to Sony VX2100. I know this is a great camcorder, but the price is out of my budget.

    What do you guys think about the Panasonic PV-GS500 (3 CCD). Will i have better improvements in low light environment? What about the 3CCD... do i really have more quality on my videos?

    Is it worth to buy this new one? Or maybe the difference between them is minimum?

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    I use the vx2100 and they are excellent in low light. If you shop around you can pick them up fairly cheap. I managed to get mine for 1000.


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