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    what is podcasting .what use of podcasting. how to input my website block podcasting. I dont have podcsting software and coding . I want to make website podcasting. pls help me.

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    Podcasting basically means putting multimedia files (video, audio and/or images) on a web server and letting people know about them via a syndicated feed, usually RSS.

    This means users can subscribe to a podcast and be automatically notified of new episodes.

    To make it happen, the provider uploads video and/or audio files to a web server, then updates their RSS feed. This is what the subscribers see - they can then choose to view the latest episodes.

    If you want to get into podcasting, learning about RSS feeds would be a good start.

    I hope that we'll have a podcast available at in the not too distant future, along with a tutorial on how it's all done.
    Dave Owen

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    Thanks for your answers

    Thanks Mr.Dave. I waiting for your tutorilas. How to create podcasting block in my web site . I have Mp3 files , Flv video and Mp4 Files So how to create in podcasting Player.


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