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    Looking to Make Improvements With Interent Broadcasting

    Here is my story:

    My high school has been broadcasting athletic events over the interent for a couple years, and this year I am the head commentator/tech guy. I am looking to improve the caliber of our broadcasts for basketball season in November. Here is our current setup:

    We use Windows Media Encoder to encode from a video camera connected to our laptop via firewire and from a sound card that is connected to our headsets. The stream is transmitted from our school's streaming server.

    Ideally, here are the improvements I would like to make:

    1) Add a second camera in another location and be able to switch between the two during the live broadcast. One site I found on this subject is:

    2) Add a field microphone to pick up crowd noise and of the fly interviews.

    These first two would have to be wirelessly transmitted to our central location.

    3) On the laptop itself: add video overlays on the live stream, such as pre-game intro videos and in-game commercials. At this point, we are capable of still graphics (i.e. a scoreboard in the corner of the screen), but would like to step it up a notch.

    I realize this is alot of information, but any suggestions/help would be much appreciated. Thanks much.

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    Sorry you haven't yet had any answers. I think it's an interesting area you're dealing with - this type of broadcast is still new and somewhat in no-man's land between traditional multi-camera productions and modern netcasting.

    The normal way of covering a sports event is to use multiple cameras, recorders and graphic generators all routed through a vision mixer (and sound mixer). The output of these mixers is fed to the appropriate broadcast or recording system.

    These days I'm seeing more people wondering how to do this over the Internet without all the traditional equipment, like yourself. To be honest I'm still not sure about the best approach but basically you need to try and replicate the traditional vision-mixing method.

    If it was me, I would probably go for a composite video mixer. I'd buy simple video wireless transmitters and feed them into the mixer. Then I'd capture the output of the mixer and send that to the server for netcasting.

    The reasons I'd go this way are:
    (1) The technology is well established.
    (2) I'm already familiar with traditional vision switching.

    A more modern alternative might be to get Firewire feeds from the cameras instead of composite video. There are vision mixers available that can take Firewire inputs but I don't know much about them. I also don't know about wirelessly transmitting Firewire.

    That's all I can think of for now.
    Dave Owen


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