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    best way to email a short clip?

    I have an Olympus c5500 digital camera for a while, but I videoed with it for the first time the other day. Downloading was easy, I can see it, but when I want to email it to a friend, a message appears saying it is too large. The video is about 3 min. long. How do I make it smalled so I can email this?
    I tried downloading it to youtube, took about 10 minutes, and its so grainy you can hardly see it. Please HELP!

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    first of all unfortunately, it is going to be grainy. you took video on a still cam. Second, how big does the file say it is, if it is bigger then your e-mail capabilities, that will be problem #2. Next you should compress the file using what ever digi camera software it cam with. If it can shoot vids, (even if the are not great) the software can help. Last of all the smaller you make it in size, the clearer it will make it for applications such as youtube.

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    What format does it save the file as?. Eg; .avi / .mov

    There are lots of programs that you can use to compress it for email but kawsakimx6 is right in saying to use the software supplied with the camera to do it.
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