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    Any information is good information

    Hi, I'm really new to this and I'm seeking some general information to get me pointed in the right any information is good information.

    My son has been working on forming a far so good. He has the main ingredients every band needs. Vocals, 2 guitarists, bassist, and drummer. He has good equipment but is lacking audio mixers and such. I'm trying to do as much research on how and what the audio mixer does. Can anyone give me information on where to get or find books, websites, etc...on the how to's of audio mixing / mixers? Other then this one. Their goal is to play live shows at local clubs here in the near future. Hes only 15 but this is something he wants to peruse and if I can assist him in any way I'll be more then happy. I really hope I posted this in the right place, if not please let me know the best place to ask my questions?

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    Yamaha has put out possibly the best book regarding Live sound. It gets fairly technical, so it might b overkill to start with... Go to the bookstore, goto the music section, they should have a few books to choose from. I had one called the live sound manual and it was pretty good, and not too technicl (all I can remember is that it had a yllow spne and blue/black cover...)


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