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    Filming 16:9 and capturing 4:3. WHY ???

    Hi everyone. I'm dealing with a problem, a weird one. I can't explain what's going on, so I'll be more than grateful getting a good advice from any of you.
    Here is the problem. I've started to film some months ago and I didn't actually focus on good image quality, but on using the camera, angles, light, various own scripts put on stage, stuff like that.
    That time, I had not have a firewire conenction so I used to capture using an USB cable. As I said, I haven't been interested in good image quality.
    Now I've got firewire connection, so I really want a good picture.
    Ok. I always film in 16:9 and before, with the USB, the capture was becoming 16:9 as well.
    Now, with firewire, everything I capture becomes 4:3, then the final movie is 4:3 too. What's that ??? What's going on ??? I can't explain.
    Can anyone help me in this ???
    Is there something I miss ???
    I wanna keep the ratio, I wanna keep the 16:9 ratio, but I cannot.
    Please help me, I'm sure that there's a solution.
    Thank you !

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    What software are you using to capture/edit it with?
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    As I said, I haven't been interesting in good image quality before, so I used the most common capture/edit software that everyone see first then start with perhaps.
    Not professional at all, but good enough for a beginner, this is Windows Movie Maker.
    When I had those probblems, related above, I was still using it, but this time having a firewire connection.
    The things happened just like I told you.
    After that, I tried to use another software, and that was Ulead VideoStudio.
    Happily, it worked.
    My 16:9 raw film was captured in 4:3, then finally encoded in 16:9, so I was so happy to see that I got what I wanted.
    There's another problem now, and maybe you can help.
    It's all about interlaced frames, the image is clear enough, but the edges of the items are not that nice, they are toothed, you know the effect, you know what I'm talking about.
    What to do?
    If I choose the picture to get scanned from lower side or upper side, the toothed edges are removed, but there are some lines sometimes, crossing the picture.
    What to do ???
    Should I work with another software program ??? Which one ???
    I can't afford a professional one, not yet, so I need a free software, but good enough.
    I don't like Ulead VideoStudio too much anyway...
    Windows Movie Maker is too simple, not many possibilities in editing, not many settings for capturing and encoding...
    After all, if I have to keep using Ulead VS, how can I make a smoother image ???
    Thank you so much for your attention.


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