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    mp4 player


    I had just recently got a mp4 player and it does say the version type so I guess that under its technical specifications one of its descriptions reads LCD:1.5 inch screen and full color display

    Anyways I think I made a blunder. When I first got the player it came with some girl music as one file in the music section and also the same with the picture section, file section and video section. So I wished for those particular items off of the player, but I erased the folder it was in. Evidently, the only thing I can do outside of record and listen to radio is download mp3's on the player. Im trying to add e-files on it as well but it is not reading it. I am thinking that these folders were system folders for the player itself.

    So the question i have is
    1. were those folders exactly what I presumed and delting it made it faulty. If so then is there some way i could get it back by download or something

    2. secondly, does the e-file selecion, is this meaning "pdf" files or is it refering to something else

    I appreciate your help thanks

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    Sorry I don't have the answer but check the links in this thread:
    Dave Owen


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