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    studio equipment

    i need to a have a home recoding studio , im not sure wat are the right equipment to buy and software to use

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    Quote: munhohwe
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    i need to a have a home recoding studio , im not sure wat are the right equipment to buy and software to use
    you left this question wide open! be careful of all the opinions you will get...So with that is mine. I am guessing that you mean for a that is what i am going to explain. first off make sure you have a room that is big enough for all of the people in the band. you dont want to stand too close to one another, because the acoustics will be horrible.

    Step 2. PAD THE WALLS AND CELING and CARPET THE FLOOR!!!!!! i can't stress that enough

    Now as far as what you need, at least one mic, (audio input for each member of the band) just like you would go live. a good board, there are tons out there and i do not have a favorite. so long as it carries true sound it does not make a difference

    And a good audi program. cool edit pro, Sound Forge 5.0, and Audio Cleaning Lab 2004 are all must haves.

    Hope this helps a bit...feel free to ask any questions!

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    Blaque Pearl studio

    I have a studio and I have:

    KORG Work Station 88 weighted keys keyboard
    Korg D16 Recording Board
    12 Hi def Mikes with 12 Boom stands
    Pearl Drum set
    Fender Bass
    Gibson Lead
    2 JBL
    1 Sub wolf
    4 Music Stands
    2 HP Pavilion 150 computers for live streams and website
    1 G5 PowerMac Computer with Pro Tools and Fruity Loops
    Total cost $8,000.00

    Check out my site and you will see how I make all this work

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    ez beggining mixer- alesis multimix 8 usb (or firewire is better)

    ez beggining mics- at2041sp, its a pack that has 2 condensers, a large diaphram (vocals) n a small high-spf (instruments)

    ez beggining editor- cubase, the light edition comes with the alesis mixer, has some ez vsts to learn how to edit sound

    next, get some cheap headphones n some atleast ok moniters, i would reccomend rp-8s from rocket but if u dont have the money juz go m-audio

    that will get ur sound in

    after that

    ez mastering- get ozone izotope (300)

    itll teach u how to master basically

    but if u no wat ur doing

    soundforge is proness

    thats it basically, 150 for the mixer, 150 for the mics, 100 for the headphones, 300 for moniters, and 300 for mastering

    cheap, ez, n efficient


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