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    2Flvs 1player

    i have 2 flvs .i dont know . how will play 2 flvs 1 flv player in random method.

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    You'll need to be able to write actionscript. Here's what I would do:

    Create a random number generator which returns either the number 1 or 2 (you may need to do a search for how to generate random numbers in Flash).

    Create a variable to be the name of the file to play (in the example below I've used the variable name filetoplay). If the random number is 1, set the variable to the first file name, otherwise to the second.

    filetoplay = "";
    if (randomfile = 1) {
    filetoplay = "firstfile.flv";
    } else {
    filetoplay = "secondtfile.flv";
    Then use the variable filetoplay as the file name in whatever code you use to play the file.
    Dave Owen


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