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    How to restrict wmv file from download help required

    Hi Guys,

    I have a .wmv file and i want to put this file in my clients website
    the main problem is he wants to play in web browser only it should
    not be available for download.How do i do that?

    I need to install streaming server for this or any other ideas from
    this community would help me a lot

    Thanks for your time

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    the easiest way is just as you described, install a streaming server. although this may seem like more trouble than it is worth, if once the client starts to change what he wants, over and over, you just have to change the file.

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    Even with streaming there is actually really no way to stop someone from saving something but if you want if for the general public yes a streaming server or below:

    If you want to prevent a download there are alot of ways to do it but you are not giving enough information to people about what your problem is.

    Is a membership site? Grant access to members only...use movie?=1 varibles so the url to the file doesn't show out the file locations in apache or in web.config using handlers and have the files outside the web directory...clear browers cache so the file get remove from temp dir when user leaves page...block right click..use a friend popup to diable all viewing of source code for most people...use redirection...umm..i'm sure there is alot more just can't think of one..


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