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    Multiple voices live on my web?

    Hello all!

    Whatīs up? Congratulations for your web, is very complete and it helps me a lot!

    Letīs see... My boss, since he has anything interesting to do, has asked us to develop an application on our website to let him have virtual meetings with clients. He wants many people to talk at a time, i mean for instance, to let 5 people to join the same virtual room to discuss something privatly, and another 5 into another room.

    Iīd like to ask you for ideas to let people connect their microphones at their homes or their offices and login, and speak at a time, sincronized. This would be something like sharing an Skype connection, isnīt it? where can I get a program like this? Or, how to "get sound" and "play sound", with no need to save it, but only to play it? will Flash allow me to do it?

    Many questions!! Any help would be appreciated, please...

    thanks all!


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    Hi Robe, thanks for your comments.

    Flash is definitely the king of this sort of application. The good news is that you won't find a more powerful and flexible solution, and the users don't need to install any software (assuming they already have the Flash player). The bad news is that it's a steep learning curve if you're new to Flash, and it's potentially expensive.

    It might be easier to try an instant messaging or net conferencing application. The disadvantage with these is that the users must each download and install the software before they can use it.

    I went through a phase of using Microsoft's NetMeeting a few years back. I don't usually enjoy saying nice things about Microsoft but I have to say it worked pretty well. Could be worth a look:

    Otherwise a search for Internet conferencing software should throw up plenty of options.
    Dave Owen

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    RobeLTDP Welcome

    flash is the way to go.......if you know Flash and have some monte to spend on it. If you do, and you do. STOP READING HERE because all of my other suggestions are second rate.

    Solution #2. instant messenger providers (AOL, Yahoo, MSN) are all hooked up to there own...or at least a Voip. this is a inexpensive solution because the services are free or Super low costs as long as you have broadband already.

    Solution #3. As dave mentioned the Microsoft application like Dave i used NetMeeting a few years back. It worked good. but i feel that like every other Microsoft program, the made "improvements" that have since hurt the program. (you should check it out for your self)

    to tell you the truth, we gave up on it here. We have conference call capabilities, over the phone. and you can password protect it if you want. Best i have used (Highly reliable)

    hope i was able to shed some light on the subject
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    Thank you very much! both replies are very useful, and I think I will try to do my best with Flash, because my boss doesnīt want to buy any tecnology, but to develop something by ourselves, and, later, offer it to our costumers, I mean, a "Virtual Meeting Application" or something like that... If you tell me that this application might be possible with Flash, iīm gonna try to do something, but Iīm an ASP programmer, not an action script one... It seems to be difficult...

    Anyway, first of all, I shall try to explain my boss that Alice in Wonderland is only a book, is not real!!!

    Thanks again for your answers, ) )



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