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Thread: Encore DVD Help

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    Encore DVD Help

    I get these erros on Encore DVD 2.0 resulting in the project not being able to burn. can anyone help?

    1) internal software error \ vobulator \ blockplanner cpp line 217

    2) "Error Parsing mpeg metadata file. deleting or renaming (file name) will allow you to import but any markers will be lost"

    [this was not imported anyway. it was a slideshow creted in Encore - no importing other than the actual photos which were imported as a slideshow]

    best, M/

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    It seems that a few other people are having exactly the same problem but no one has a solution. There is even a thread at the Adobe forums that hasn't been answered. I suggest that you contact Adobe support directly since no one else knows what's going on.

    Sorry that's the best advice I can come up with
    Dave Owen


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