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    Streaming playlist manager

    First of all, hello to everybody.

    Im seing the posibilities that can bring me a playlist manager in a streaming system. I`m going to explain: for example, what can do a Web Page embedded playlist manager in a video on demand service (the client manages this), or what can do in a live streaming server (the administrator manages this).

    Im talking about applications, functions, etc.. than can do a playlist manager, but if you know if there is a complete playlist manager for these cases, please tell me which is.

    If you know something, I will be very grateful.

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    Sorry, I'm not aware of any off-the-shelf application that could do this. You might have to employ someone to make a script for you.

    For the end user you would either have to use cookies or a login/database system to remember their playlist. I think the latter option would be best, otherwise their playlist will be deleted when they clear their cookies.

    For all this type of interactive video I would recommend Flash as the best platform.
    Dave Owen


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