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    Highest quality Output

    Hi all, ive spent 2 days filming, live actors, i am useing pinnacle studio 7.15, but im a bit confused on the output, what should i do?

    The film is about 1 hour long, i want to put it on a DVD CD, but also i want it to be the highest quality there is?, should i save it as MPEG or AVI and what height dimersians i dont undertsand fully what is best?

    Any ideas/help would be greatly needed

    Thank you in advance

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    Um... my raw video files have always been uncompressed high quality AVI

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    If your going to put it onto a dvd for playing on a stand alone dvd player then it has to be in the dvd (.mpg) format.

    If you want to save it on a dvd for archiving and viewing on a computer then save it in the .avi format
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