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    Best editing Software for movie making?

    Hi all, What is the Best editing Software for movie making?

    I have Pinnacle studio 7 and i was looking to upgrade

    On another note i think its adobe? but what software allows the Special effects like you see star wars lightsabers and the ability to move scenary ETC


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    Final Cut Pro!!!!
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    I have to agree with FCP, but it's Mac-only of course. If you need something for the PC then it's either Adobe Premiere or perhaps Avid.

    I've been an Adobe user for more than 10 years so I'm pretty stuck on it - it's certainly a solid package. I find that it's pretty close to FCP in most respects. The worst thing about Premiere isn't Premiere - it's Windows
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    dave is right it is an Apple only program.....however, if you are starting up and are looking to do this for a while.....Spend the cash!!!! other thank that i have worked on Avid for quite a while, and as Dave said, it's main problem is Windows
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    I've been using Avid Pro for 2 years and haven't had any windows problems to speak of, but I agree with Dave and kawsakims6.
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