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    FLV encoding question

    Hi, I'm testing some flv encoding and this is what I do.

    Using Squeeze and ON2 plugin I encode 2 pass cbr, 1000kps, 96mhz, fullsize of video (4:3; usually 640-480)...most video's i'm testing are about an hour long and are in DivX...

    Looks great..better then windows codec but when I go to full screen the video get pixelated which does not happen with divX or windows videos...and I can't use these files if this happens

    Just I doing something wrong or is that how it comes out..

    I thought about making them bigger and having the video player smaller but the encoding time is not acceptable..the time it takes to do one file I can do 120 windows video files with same settings using advanced codec with high quality settings...."I'm serious, it takes this long to encode..about 3-4 days at 1280x960" on a core2 6600 w/2 gigs ram.

    So I guess are the flv streams some how washed or smoothed on swf player on the internet when you enlarge the streams..I'm testing my streams using fullscreen option on Flash Player 9 beta...

    I'm testing the streams with Flash Media Server 2 and streaming to a swf player for flv

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    Unfotunately that's the biggest disadvantage of Flash video IMO. It doesn't up-size well and you do get some blockiness. It's usually perfectly acceptable but it may not be the best option for full-screen video.
    Dave Owen


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