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    Very Bright Light - How to Avoid It?

    I've got a Sony DCR HC42 camcorder.

    Every time I record outdoor environments (sunshine on) it records with a very bright light in the face of the "guy" I was recording.

    This same situation occurs in indoor environments depending of the light.

    I need to learn how to avoid this problem. I had tried messing with LCD bright configuration, but i don't think this is the case.

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    If it is acutely on the need to Iris down. this is the light filter. make it a but darker in the LCD. If you only have shutters, i would use a 3 if it s quite bright. With out having hands on with your camera, i would say look for an iris setting, or put it on auto
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    It would be a lot better if this function was located outside the LCD menu. I mean, directly in a button in the camcorder.

    Because in this specific event I recorded, when I start to record, the sun was too bright, but in the middle was ok and in the end was too dark.

    Does any1 know if the Sony VX 2100 did solves this specific issue?


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