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    JVC Everio GZ-MG505EK camcorder please help!


    I am planning on filming weddings part-time on the weekend as an extra earner to my full time job, and am looking for a top quality camera. I have used sony PD150's and sony VX1000's at university but the cheapest I can find any used ones is about 950- 1100, and its just not in my budget scale!
    So I thought I could get the next best thing which is the JVC GZ-MG505EK camcorder. I know it will produce great quality shots, but I would like to know if I could focus pull using this camera, and how would I do it? I need to be able to film weddings artisitically and focus pulling is a great uncheesey way to do it!

    any help would be greatly appreciated!

    thanks alot,


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    When I first saw a picture of the camcorder I thought the ring at the front might be a focus ring, but on closer inspection it doesn't look like it.

    The screen shot below is from the GZ-MG505EK user manual. Apparently manual focus is done using that little button/menu control. I really don't know how user-friendly that will be but I'm not optimistic. I think you need to get hold of a model in your own hands and give it a try, otherwise you may find that it's too difficult or impractical to use.

    We have the complete user manual for this camcorder in our database of operating manuals if you're interested.
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