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    Lighting/set-up problems?


    Can someone tell me lighting and set-up problems with the camera and tri-pod that could occur during filming etc? I have the role of camera operator for a project im doing and we didnt actually come across any problems but apparently i still need to make list of possibilites but Im not sure what to put down ... anyone any ideas?

    Thanks in advance

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    Have you read thru the guides Here
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    Westie is right. there are a bunch of lighting books, websites, and so on. the best would to be to look through there and see what best fits your applications. i am sure that we all could go on for hrs about problems that we have had, but until you experience them your self there is no way you will learn any of it!
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    Yeah, i just neke possiblities and thngs that commonly happen. I mean the only thing that i have i that we had a faulty tri-pod..apart from that I dont know, and i cant seem to find websites that give that kind of information, apart from weather conditions etc

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    If i give you this answer. are you just going to copy and paste to a paper or test that you have?
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    well no I will put in my own words and write accordingly onto what im doing. I dont think there si right or wrong asnwerss but i have a blank on what its asking of me

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    Things I've seen:
    - Knocking over tripods
    - stripping the head of the tripod by not unlocking it before movement
    - not leveling the tripod

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    there is always.
    ~burinig the bounce card (this is a great one to teach a n00b)
    ~People geting burnt on the hot lights.
    ~trippig a circut with too many lights in one outlet

    there are tousands!
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