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Thread: Video Quality

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    Video Quality

    Hi i have a sony DCRTRV33 cam corder and a p.c with the following specs

    P4 3.06GHz (HT)
    120 GB Deskstar HDD
    512 MB DDR RAM
    Gefroce FX5200 graphics card

    I am currently using a trial version of video studio to see if i can get the hang of video editing.

    What i want to do is take some video i have got on my cam corder and make some changes then burn it onto dvd. However when i do this the output quality is very poor, even though i have transfered it at the highest resolution the software will let me, 724*something! (sorry cant remember the resolution)

    Any suggestions on improving the quality would be great thanks


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    Re: Video Quality

    How are you capturing your video? Are you using the USB port or are you using the graphics card? I had a quick look at the Geforce FX5200 and I don't think it's a proper capture card.

    I assume you are burning directly to DVD on your computer?

    Also, how does the video look on your computer when you preview it in Video Studio?

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    I have searched the Internet to see more info about your camera and I have found that it is a MiniDV camcorder. Now my question would be – are you using FireWire connection from cam to PC, or USB to PC? You can't get full DV quality video if you are using USB, or an analog video capturing card. It is not the likely software problem, but more (I would say) hardware.

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    How are you capturing the video ? You can use a Fire Wire IEEE 1394 capturing card, which is cheap and available easily. With it they supply its cable, which u plug in your camera and on the card to capture. How is the output ? Are there any jerks ? Are the frames dropping or skipping ?
    Try increasing your RAM size which will help in capturing and editing both.


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