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    Streaming Video software

    Greetings. I am looking to convert my video files to different streaming video formats like mpeg, quicktime, windows media, etc. so that I can upload them onto a website for people to view. I like to know which is the best software that would allow me to convert my files into all these streaming video formats?
    Thanks in advance for any help.


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    Sorenson Squeeze is just about the best all-round encoder on the market.
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    i think flash is more web-friendly format, and it's easier to embed it in and stream it. i do it in this way-convert my video files to flash (i have a tool Video to Flash Converter at maybe it'll be easier for you to do so, just try-it has a free trial version, i used it for some time.

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    I've been using Windows Media Encoder 9, mainly to convert mpg files to Windows Media Video streaming format. I've figured out the 3 best bit rates to use for the different connection speeds I use to my network and I encode the mpg files to wmv using multiple bitrates. Windows Media Encoder 9 is free and so is the batch utility that you can use to convert multiple files. If you can play your video files in Windows Media Player, then you can probably encode them using WME.

    The next step is to either put the videos on line yourself, using Windows Server 2003 with Windows Media Server installed, or find an ISP that will serve your wmv files using Windows Media Server. I have set it up myself and serve my own files using Windows Media Server. It isn't hard at all. Prvided you have taken some time to find the bandwidths clients are likely to connect to your server with and then encoding the videos with corresponding bitrates, WMS will figure out how much bandwidth your clients have and will adjust the playback automatically to the closest bitrate encoded in your video.

    I connect from my LAN, from the Internet using a laptop and 802.11b or better wireless and I use a pocket pc and all can connect to the same video file and get the proper playback size and bandwidth.

    Take a look at and download the Windows Media Encoder 9 Series. Also worth having a look at is the FAQs about codecs as this is the most troublesome part of this method. some codecs are free and others are not. I try to make the free ones work before I spend any money.

    It can be very satisfying to make your videos available anywhere you have an Internet connection and share with family and/or friends.

    Have fun!

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    We have a file convertor from any video format with its further broadcasting in website's flash player. To work this convertor requires a free RED5 server. The convertation happenes while loading the file in Admins zone.

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    search "flv encoder" or "flash video encoder" in google.

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    Chicago Fire
    can I have a look at some of the clips that you have done,
    and if I can get some info like bandwidth use??
    I am sort of looking at windows or flash for my golf swing streaming and looking for the best value from the clients perspective and the roi( return on investment)
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