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Thread: Composing music

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    Might want to consider buying a midi controller or keyboard which often times will come with some type of descent software.

    I was building up a small home studio to get into recording my music and I bought a $250 keyboard that came with Cubase LE which is a basic multi-track software that would be an amazing start. I loved it so much that I'm now up to the newer versions of Cubase which I gladly bought, but when I started off, the software opened up so many doors. You can do anything.

    You could spend loads of time learning off of it, and with a MIDI device, you'll find adding virtual instruments to your music projects extremely easy.

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    Anybody know if any of these - or any others - has a decent notation function included? I wanna make a printed score.

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    I've used NoteWorthy Composer (I think it may have a different name now) in the past to type up scores, very user friendly.
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    Just checked it out, this looks promising.

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