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Thread: Composing music

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    Composing music

    I'm looking for some free software that I can use to compose my own music. It's alright if it's complicated, or if it's really simple. I'm willing to spend plenty of time learning how to use it. I would like the ability to compose music that uses plenty of different instruments (from drums to guitars to cellos). Any information anyone has would be great. Thanks!!!

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    You have all the instruments? or you are looking for a program that has these sounds built in?
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    ZynAddSubFX<---Free/Awesome. Although the guy basically tries to convert you to christianity on the homepage.

    also try

    and freewarefiles

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    I don't have the instruments. Just want software that mimicks them.

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    go to and check out the software. there has got to be something there that will fit what you are looking for. there are hundreds and it all depends on what type of music you are looking to make.
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    Hey guys, thanks for all your help...I really appreciate it!!!

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    Hey no problem, if you get some great music put together, feel free to send us a demo

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    Try using FlexiMusic Composer, a multi-track program for composing, editing and mixing of music using sampled instrument sounds.

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    reason 3.0 will get u started.

    then go up to a good sequencer like cubase where u could still re-wire reason, but add vsts which sound hella better

    ull want a midi-controller, so get m-audio axiom-61

    n ur set

    ull have all the instruments

    from there its editing n knowing wat ur doing

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