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    Mastering Video Production

    I was looking around for a good book on video production. Not just 1 specific subject. I came across this ebook on called Mastering Video Production 2006 and it looked alright from the pics and reviews and it was an instant delivery on payment so I gave it a shot.

    and I've got to say, this is a Damn great book.!!

    If others would do the same as these guys and actually create a book or DVD with the information and/or tutorials that you’re actually interested in, this would be a better world. ok sorry, got a bit carried away then. It's just hard to find good books like this one, most have the same thing that you’ve seen over and over.

    If anyone knows of any other Books or DVD's worth buying, let me know.

    This ones also selling on Ebay as well.
    Check it out, i'm telling you now, it was worth every penny.

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    I have acutely read this, and i do agree. if you are a beginner, GET THIS BOOK. if you have been doing this for a while it really wont do you much good......well most of you.....i have seen some bad work......I have recommended this to my students in the past, and they have gotten a lot from it
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