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    WMV Streaming in Explorer

    Hello. Any help appreciated. I have a Web Site that has a Windows Media Player embeded in it and WMV Files uploaded to play through it. How ever instead of the video starting within a few seconds it down loads the whole file before it starts to play. The Player seems to work ok when the site is accessed through Firefox. I am at a loss as there does not appear to be any settings I can change.

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    Had That Same Problem

    Hey come to my site and see how I run the movie files and live streams. See if this is what you are trying to do. I will be glade to help you.

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    Seems the same!

    Thanks for that. I have had a look and would appear to be the same problem on your clips. ie Down loading the whole file before play. I am re-doing my site with Flash but it is not what I want as the option for full screen does not appear to be there and I need a full version program for encoding in order to put in the player controls.(They dont let you get away with much. ) In a couple of days when I have uploaded the changed site I will give the link so that you can see what I am doing.

    Thanks for your time.



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