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    </;^} 12 user audio online hookup - how to?

    good morning everyone,

    i want to teach english pronunciation online with the teacher [me] and several [maybe up to 8 to 12 learners] online at the same time. i use a choral repetition method where all repeat the same phrase several times, at the same time, and hear all the others at the same time. i also want to be able to speak/listen with 1 or more or all of the users at any time. what type of equpt, provider, service, etc do i need? what do the learners need?

    an expositive, non-commercial artice about the method and techniques i use in the classroom is viewable at , to explain more of what i want to do online.

    i m a newbie with this kind of online use, and to this forum.


    </;^} elbe

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    This is not an easy task for a newbie - to be honest you might need to consider hiring a specialist in this field to help.

    Having said that, there are a few things you could try first. One option is to use conferencing software which is used for online meetings. This is relatively simple to set up but has the disadvantage that all your users need to download and install the software. Do a search for "web conferencing software" and see what's on offer. Microsoft's NetMeeting is a good place to start learning about conferencing software.

    If you have the budget and the ambition, Flash is the perfect platform to develop something better. However this is a complex, potentially expensive option. You will need to hire a Flash developer to help if you decide to go this way.
    Dave Owen

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    dave is right If you do not know what you are may be getting in over your head.

    that being said

    Microsoft (And i HATE Microsoft) has a a good program with there NetMeeting program. It is a little quirky, but not bad at all.

    If you think you can handle it and have a decent budget i would go Flash....However, this is a lot of work and is fairly complicated. If you are computer n00b i would looking to having someone on your team do this if there is anyone. If not i would look in to hiring someone for sure....

    good luck man. if you try to tackle this on your own. let me know if you need help and i will try to help all i can short of acutely coming out there.
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