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    Tips for cutting an object out from a background?

    hi all
    im slowly photographing products for my website.
    the background is just white cloth but would liek to be able to cut the products and the little shadowing out from the rest of the background.
    i know there is the lassoo tool and i have tied this but finding it leaves very rough edges.
    is there a simpler way to do this even if its using lasoo, im sure i must be ,missing something?

    any help would be appreciated



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    give the magic wand a shot.....adjust the tolerance till it takes out all the white and then the shadow. you click on what you want gone, then hit delete (backspace for windows)
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    thanks for the advice, had used the magic wand before but had not realised you could adjust the tolerance.

    it still leaves a little bit of background but is alot easier to clean now.

    if i wanted to add an artificial shadow what would be my best method?

    also is there any using the lasoo tool to make it do straight lines from point to point?

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    I guess a simple drop shadow (Layer > Layer Style > Drop Shadow) probably isn't going to do the trick? I'm sorry but I don't have any good suggestions for creating a real-looking shadow.

    You can use straight lines with the lasso tool. Clicking and hold your left mouse button on the lasso tool until the other options come up, then select Polygon Lasso tool.
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