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    Please Help Me Quick!

    i know its a long shot but does anyone have the sound effect of somone being electricuted? or the sound of sparking? it needs to be a bit like somone getting fried in the bath.

    i've got some stuff from the free downloads that will muddle together into something like it but i thought i'd try to see if anyone has it already made.

    i need it for some 6th form students tomorrow morning, hence why i'm saying i need it quick!

    if you've got one can you please email it to

    thanks for your help


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    I do.......

    I will send it to you as soon i get back to the Shop (monday) In the mean time try the forum, there is a sound fx forum there. But please post in this thread again if there was no help there.....I will send it to you....

    Hope this helps
    Manoni Productions
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    thanks for the offer of help, but i really did need it that morning.

    in the end i threw together some of the clips on the free downloads page here and combined it with other things i'd got laying around my computer to create quite a nice exploding, skin popping and bubbling, hair dryer in the bath kinda sound.

    apparently it went down really well.

    i'm now after a decent length of underground train interior and a baby crying.

    anyone got any ideas? i'll go look on those forums you mentioned in a minute.



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