I really like the latest anti-speeding television campaign. The theme revolves around the idea that "If you're prepared to speed, you're prepared to kill". One of the commercials shows Mr. Average walking down the street and as he passes various people, subtitles say "this man is prepared to kill her, he's prepared to kill him", etc. It isn't until the final shot when he drives past them that we see it's all about speeding.

I think the superimposition of the ruthless killer attitude onto an ordinary bloke is very effective. Unlike many drinking/speeding campaigns, this one seems to make a believable connection between the tragedy of vehicle accidents and the actions of ordinary people.

This campaign was launched with a talking-head commercial in which a real mother spoke about the accident which killed her daughter. Wow, that one touched a nerve. As hard as they are to watch, there's no doubt that real-life examples pack more punch. Congratulations to the courageous mother for taking part.

I have long suspected that the threat of financial penalty is not a serious deterrent to speeding. Nor is the possibility of personal injury. I hope the current tactic is more effective.

Not being much of a speedster I'm not really the target audience but I'm only human and sometimes my foot accidentally gets a bit heavy. The idea of being prepared to kill innocent children certainly helps keep my eye on the speedometer.