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    How can I get a still image from a movie?

    Does anyone know how I can get a still image from part of a movie I recorded. I have a JVC and it has still imaging on it and video but i dont know what software or how to get a still image from a clip. Can someone please help me!


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    Do You have any editing equip? this is going to be the first step.

    at the verry least you can pull the vid on you computer and pause it durring the frame you want and take a screen shot...then put it in what ever image tool you have and crop it....this will be poor quality!
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    Movie maker

    I have never used it but your Windows XP has "movie maker" video editing built in which may have that capability.


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    i usually use Sony Vegas, i play the video then use the save screen shot tool in vegas,
    this will be poor quality!
    is very true, depends on the video you shot and the editing software you use

    good luck...

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    Using Adobe Premiere you can import the clip and run along the timeline until you get the bit you wanna capture and click File>Export Frame. This will expect that part/image of the video to a bitmap image and from there you can do what you fancy. However, I would make sure you hit the de-interlace option in video settings which will get rid of any lines of data in the image.

    Alternatively just grab some free (depending) software out-there that will perform screen grabs of video content


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