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    PA sysytem vs hi system.. can I mix them?

    I have a 150 watt PA system which I use for percussion, voce and guitar. It has an output for addional powered speakers...I want to experiment by adding a powered woofer to it, which is hifi-based. Good idea or bad idea?
    suggest a Sony SA WM500 which has very good reviews..despite being called a Sony!

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    I feel that this is not going to go for you what you are looking for. However, check the Wattage and Ohms on the PA and the Subwoffer. It is possible that they will hook up fine. I would not recommend it though there are better options, I know marshal makes a bass sub.
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    pro audio and hi fi differ in there construction significantly. Pro audio speakers are made to handle transient material, where hi fi is designed to handle program music, which is obviously less transient, thus a looser construction and will have greater excursion being used for percussion and such. will it produce sound, yeah! you also should look at what you are putting through this. Are the instruments really going to benefit from having a sub. for instance vocals don't have many frequencies that are useful down that low and would cause more problems than would enhance!


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