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Thread: DVD to VCR?

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    DVD to VCR?

    Is there any way to copy my DVD movies to VHS tape?

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    Re: DVD to VCR?

    Most DVDs use a copy-protection system called Macrovision. If you try to make a copy by connecting your DVD player directly to a VCR it will not work properly.

    To get around this you need some way to disable macrovision. There are devices available such as
    ProVision DVD Video Decoder which do this.

    As always, be aware of copyright issues.

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    Re: DVD to VCR?

    If they are movies of your own that you have on DVD, you can copy them simply by hooking up your DVD to your VCR as if it were 2 VCR's. Use the connection instructions here -

    If your DVD movies have copyright protection, you shouldn't be copying them.


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