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Thread: PC or Mac?

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    PC or Mac?

    I'm taking up video editing and DVD production as a serious hobby. I currently run Pinnacle 7 on a 4-year old PC. It's obvious I need to upgrade to a higher powered machine. I'd appreciate expert advice on the "best" computer to purchase, PC or Mac? I'm also interested in recommended system requirements. Thank you.

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    ut oh......

    Looks like some one just opened a can of worms.

    All i am going to say for now MAC. i will come back in a day or two and tell you the reasons.

    the reason i am going to do this is because i would like you to read some pros and cons of each before i come in and bash the and have a huge thread about how my post was anti pc and not helpful Blah blah.

    this way you will get some useful information both ways.
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