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    Panasonic Palmcorder VHSC - PVL550D question

    I am trying to work on a project for my aunt. She has the camera
    listed above. I was going to hook her camera up to my computer and
    burn her tapes to a dvd. However, when she gave me her camera I had no
    idea it wouldn't have a fireware connection. The only thing it seems
    to have is a connection to plug audio/video cables into something...
    the manual mentions just the vcr and/or tv. Am I going to be able to
    hook this camera up to my computer and transfer the videos?

    Any help is appreciated.....

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    the answer to your question is, "depends on how much time and money you are willing to put into it, as well as what you have laying around the house you can use......the way i have it set up here at the shop is i have a VCR hooked up to a switcher which is hooked up to a DA Max then to my computer via firewire.

    I assume that this is not even close to the set up that you have.

    Still not a problem, the way i have it hooked up at my house, is that the A/V wires go into my DVD changer, which has a firewire out.

    there is another option for you.

    there are converters out there that will do what you are looking for. Below i have added a link to one such converter. the price is pretty standard, I am sure you can get one off ebay for a bit cheaper.

    the fourth and final (at least all i could think of right now) option.

    find someplace that you could send the tapes to, like Manoni Productions (notice the shameless Plug) that can do this for wont be free, but it should be fairly cheap. I am sure that you have one locally. some camera shops can even get it done for you. P.M. me if you are looking for a price range that you should be looking at so you dont get shafted locally.

    Hope this helps
    Manoni Productions
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