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    Remote Control Jack

    I have recently purchased a camera crane from a website, and it works beautifully, but i had problems when it came time to mount the controller that would record, pause, zoom out and zoom in while shooting. The wire that plugs into the controller is a 2.5mm remote control wire, and when i went to plug it into my NV-GS250 Panasonic Camera, i find that the remote/mic jack in my camera is too big, and the wire is not a clean fit, this is the only jack i could find. Can someone help me out with this? is there another jack i can find or is there at least some sort of conversion female-to-male wire that i can use to connect the wire and the camera? thanx

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    there is a conversion cable (male to female, and vice versa) you should call the crane manufacture or whoever manufactured the remote, and they will be able to hook you up with it no porblem
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    yeh im still waiting on a reply to an email i sent them, hopefully theyll have the conversion, thanx


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