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    Glidecam 2000

    I was looking at the 'Glidecam 2000 Pro Stabilizer System for Medium Sized Video Cameras up to 6 Pounds' and i realized that the camera has to be somewhere over 3 or 4 pounds. Is this abolutely necassary? I mean if i have one of those mini-dv 3ccd cameras that dont weight over 2 or 3 pounds, will that work, or will i be wasting my money on the glidecam if my camera isnt heavy enough? Does the camera have to be heavy enough for the glidecam to actually have any effect?

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    if the camera is not in the weight requirements, it will not work correctly, however, it is always possible to add weight via a counter weight, or add it to the mounting plate via lead.

    If you are not willing or do not feel comfortable modifying it might be wort it for you to look into something else, maybe you can find one for small cameras
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    so ur saying that adding more counter weights (dumb bells etc) or adding weight to the mounting plate ( the one attached to the camera) would do the trick?

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    Well you would need less counter weight.

    Or more weight to bring it up to the spec weight of the Stabilizer.

    IE: if your camera weighs 2.5lbs and the stabilizer calls for a 4-6lb camera then you need to add anywhere from 1.5 to 3.5 lbs. I would recommend adding 2.5 and sit right in the middle of the factory specs of the stabilizer.

    If you where to take counter weight off, then you would need to calculate how much weight the manufacture calls for for each lb of camera weight. either way would work out just fine
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