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Thread: Green Screen?

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    Green Screen?

    I love to shoot videos and movies, but im just a beginner. I am currently using Sony Vegas and loving it, although i have used adobe premier once. Can anybody give me like a walk-through or some place i can get help on how to shoot green screen shots? not shooting them, but editing them, on premier or on vegas (if possible) how do i seperate the background from the character so on so forth, or do i need aftereffects to do that?

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    You do not need after effects to do this. there Premier will do this for sure. (I dont have much experience with the sony product)

    here is a good Premier Tutorial gallery...there is a little of everything here. The answer to your question and a damn good tut to show you how to do it is there.

    Hope this helps
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    thanx very much man, uve been alot of help, seriously

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