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    Main Subject Focus Technique

    I always watch this technique in the movies that when the camera-man is shooting someone, the main subject is on the focus while the background and other stuff is out of focus.

    I wanna know how to do that in my camcorder. The name of this technique. All about it, please.


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    If you shoot your subject on a very long lens (i.e.position your camera as far away as you need and zoom in) then you will decrease your 'Depth of Field'.Increasing the aperture also decreases Depth of Field.We define depth of field as the zone of sharpest focus in front of, behind, and around the subject. Generally, the closer the subject to the camera, the more evenly will be the distribution of depth of field in front and behind the subject. As distance of focus extends, DOF usually will be more behind than in front of the focused area.

    A few factors have a direct relationship with depth of field, they are: 1) the Aperture, 2) the focal length of the lens in use, and 3) image size (it has a direct relation to distance).

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    as vegasarian said. shoot from far away and zoom in.

    there is a video tutorial for it here:

    it is one of the first ones.
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