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    VCR Head Cleaning


    Noted your web page - HOW TO CLEAN VIDEO HEADS

    Followed advice. :-

    The vcr now plays back tapes recorded on other machines wthout 'snow'

    Recorded material on this vcr plays back on other machines without snow

    BUT recorded tapes on this vcr played back on this vcr still have lots of snow

    any comments / please advise

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    Re: VCR Head Cleaning

    "recorded tapes on this vcr played back on this vcr still have lots of snow"

    If the tapes with snow were recorded BEFORE the head clean, the snow will be recorded with the picture - nothing you can do.
    If the tapes were recorded AFTER the head clean, we have a whole different issue.
    If you can, get a new tape and record something on it. Let me know the result, and we'll take it from there.

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    The problem you may hav e is a worn upper drum assembly and the only sure cure is to replace it-as long as you have checked the back tension is in spec,the tape path is ok(tape doesnt ride up and down across audio control head) and that the take up and supply arms move fully to the endstops when tape is laced around the upper drum
    regards mike


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