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    Need some quick help (CS2)

    Im a newb but you know how you use gradient map to make the pic black/white? and when you use the eraser tool it brings back color to were evern you click and then use the paint brush tool to make it go back to black/white, well when i use to eraser/brush its dosent work 100%. the eraser will bring back like 80% of the color but not all. i dunno why its doing it, i clicked the reset tools button and my opasity and all is at 100. any suggestions? this happens everytime i try and use either tool.

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    make sure it is set to brush and the opacity is 100% (which you said it was) and that Flow is at 100 percent.......other than that it works for me
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    bleh i just re-installed and it works fine now, wierd. thanks anyway.


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