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    Another transperancy question....

    I have a .jpeg of a snowman. It has a grey background. The man also has grey tones and other tones in his mittens, scarf, hat etc. First I tried to capture it with the ecliptical tool, then the magic wand but although I have most of the background gone it is also taking the grey tones within the snowman and making them transparent. The outside edge of the snowman is blurry and he looks like he has a 5 o'clock shadw.
    I would like to know how to make him look crisp, cold and clear without the beard.
    Any suggestions?????
    Thanks in advance I am really new to graphics as I have always sucked at doing this type of work. Trying PS by trial to see if it can change me into a pro, plus I have Studio 8 and have started working with Fireworks and do not really understand if I can create layers in Fireworks I should be able to just paste or import the snowman into the document but in both programs the little guy looks amaturishly manipulated.......

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    there are a few thins you can do...

    1. Set the tolerance for the magic wand to somthing lower like 50 or 20 or 10. this will make it not capture as much. (the tolerance adjuster is on the top toolbar, when the Magic Wand is selected)

    2. You can zoom in and erase by hand with a small eraser.

    3. Use the lasso tool and draw around the snowma and when you havs a "selction box" delete the out side of it, by hitting Shift + Backspace (delete on a mac)
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    Select the magic wand tool and then have a look in the toolbar at the "Contiguous" checkbox. Make sure it is checked - this means that the magic wand will only select areas that are adjoining. This might help you select the background without parts of the snowman.

    If you're still getting parts of the snowman, change to the lasso tool, then hold down the Alt key while you select the unwanted parts of the snowman. The Alt key subtracts the new selection instead of adding it.
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