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    Newbie with a MicroBR

    I'm a photographer that bought the Boss Micro BR in hopes of using it to record audio (check out to see what my goal is). I'm looking for a group I can talk to so I can work my way through confusion. I can remember how hard it was to learn photography and especially photoshop. Anyone out there familiar with this unit?

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    I have a little experience with it. i used one for awhile on one of my shoots. Let me know what questions, specifically you have, and i'll see what i can help you with
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    I have just purchased the Micro BR also...

    Can anyone help me on these few queries i have.

    1) When recording seperate tracks, is there anyway to play the track back whilst recording over it with another one. ie. can i play a guitar line, save it, then play it back fo my bass player to listen to so he can record his bass line at the same time. Otherwise the rythm can be out of time if he doesn't know what i'm playing.

    2)When using the on board drum beats, can these be added to the final mix when you create an MP3, i've tried creating MP3's from the MIcro BR songs that i had created but no drum beat comes out, just the guitar?


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