There was a piece on 60 Minutes last night produced here in New Zealand on "Generation NeXter" - the generation born after 1980.

First up, the piece was yet another example of the "faster, cheaper, more lightweight" mode of modern TV journalism. The whole piece revolved around two interviews - one with a researcher and one with a particularly annoying group of NeXters. It would have been nice to have heard from more than one researcher or had some variety of sources.

As for the NetXters, well, they didn't exactly endear themselves to me. Boasting about how they own the word "whatever" and gloating about their ability to touch-type. I find it hard to believe this group was representative and I certainly hope they aren't.

The reporter found it amusing to hear these youngsters belittling the computer skills of older generations. I think someone needs to tell them that the generation they are laughing at is the generation which invented the personal computer and the internet which they now claim as their own.

There was one other thing - the researcher featured in the piece (I forget the name, sorry) was a New Zealander who had apparently recently completed her research and invented the term "Generation NeXter". Which is odd, because a quick Google finds that the term has been in use at least as early as 2001, probably much earlier. Now it's possible that I misheard something here, but my partner and I both understood it the same way. At the very least, the report was unclear. Perhaps the reporter could have spent less time eliciting inane comments from kids and more time getting some actual facts.