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    Another question regarding light

    I am condidering buy one of these 2 items: Sony HVL 20DW Light or NRG Varalux Pro.

    From what I read and heard, the Sony HVL 20DW Light is a face light. I need a light all-in-one.

    I also heard that NRG Varalux Pro has a very bright light.

    Please, any opinion will be of great value for me.

    Forgot to mention: I've got a Sony Vx 2100.

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    ok i have a very big bone to pick with people that are set on a headlight and will not give a lighting kit a chance!

    Ok now that i have said that, let me give you my opinions, there is not much difference in headlights,. unless you are shooting from less then 10 feet away. I am going to assume that you are so i do not have to get even more on the offense. I would go with the NRG Varalux Pro because of the pure face that is it from a lighting company that knows how to make lights, and not from a company that makes everything.

    this however, is not too much better then using one of those aluminum lights that mechanics use with the clip on part............the mechanics light may acutely be better, because you can adjust it.
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    Ok, kawsakimx6.

    I might go in the light kit direction. But I really need some compact thing, because I am going to use this camcorder with light for every situation.

    Also, I can't pay more than $120. It may also have a battery and charger, so I don't need to depend of energy point.

    What do you suggest considering what i said?

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    so you have a $120 budget? ok so knowing that i say go with the NRG Varalux Pro. the light is much brighter, and you can defuse it using various things, (wax paper, colored gels ect...) you should just keep in mind that all camera mounted lights are going to be primarily face lamps. with the right amount of delusion however, you can make them look pretty good
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    Can you please give me more details about this process of defuse?

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    I saw that the 56004 Varalux Professional Dimmable DC On-Camera Light comes with 4-pin XLR Connector.

    Where do I suppose to use this xlr connector? In an external battery or in my camera to use with the camera battery?

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    i have searched the net and can not come up with an answer. I would call them before you make a purchase. or maybe someone else on here has had direct experience with that light.
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    4-pin XLR connectors are usually used for power, but kawsakimx6 is right - you should make sure you know what it is before you plug anything in.
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