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    web design dc

    Can anybody tell me of a good website design and development company in Virginia/DC Metro area? Someone recommended .Any recommendations on this company?

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    well firstly if you're not an affiliate of Ten Pearls, then u should become one because ur already plugging them kindly with keywords in title tags n all

    for my review of their site:

    first impressions = good - nice slick navigation in styled text rather than less accessible images, above a good, flashy and welcoming header. great initial screenshot.

    then when u moved the mouse over the main nav (im using netscape 7 which is a bit outdated but not toooo much) - the nav went to pot. the pop-up javascript was aligned to the left for all items of the navigation so navigation was near impossible. i then took a greater look at the rest of the page and it's very neat and well presented with great graphics. if you're looking for a pretty leaflet, choose them - but if you're looking for a site that nearly everyone can use, DON'T choose them. other than that silly javascript on the main nav, the website is excellent - but the basics should be first priority, not last


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