Produced by Touchdown Productions, New Zealand.
Premiered New Zealand, TV2, July 17th 2003.

The Profilers is an entertainment show in which a panel of readers, consisting of a face reader, a name analyst, a numerologist and an aura reader, team up to reveal hidden secrets about studio guests. According to the Touchdown promotional material:

"It is a rare talent to be able to describe in detail the personality of a perfect stranger. It is even rarer to be able to reveal their past and predict their future. But that’s what four expert ‘profilers’ do convincingly in the new studio-based entertainment format, The Profilers."

Unsurprisingly the show has a certain "Gee, how'd they do that?" factor. Let's face it - it wouldn't be much of a show without it.

Also unsurprisingly, the show lacks the one thing which would give it some credibility. The one thing which forms the cornerstone of all objective investigation: Independent verification.

The presenter tells us it's all above board. We are given a familiar speech: "These people have never met before, our psychics have no way of knowing the guest's secret". This is essentially the same speech that magicians use on their audiences. The difference is that magicians or illusionists are quite honest - nobody really believes the illusions are magic. However the same tricks performed by psychics can appear more genuine to the easily-convinced.

The Profilers are allowed to interview the guests before the show. This is done in private - the few glimpses the audience gets to see don't really mean anything. Again we are told it's all done under the strictest conditions, but of course we just have to take their word for it because they haven't invited anyone from the Skeptics Society to back them up.

With no independent witnesses to the show's procedures, the results mean nothing. It might be fun to speculate on how the tricks are done but in the absence of verification we must assume they are just that - tricks.